Best Train Trips in Canada

Most individuals who love adventure understand that it is not a complete experience if there is no adventure by train on their list. The great thing about Canada is that it offers numerous train services that operate across the country, from the west all the way to the east end and vice versa. Regardless of if you are in search of a way to take a break from the cold winter or you just want to have a vacation, a trip by train is always an ideal choice.

Below are four fantastic Canada train trips you can put into consideration if you ever want to take a train journey, they include;

Across Canada by train
This trip is a remarkably long journey. If you want a long trip, this goes through Toronto to Vancouver. The trip lasts for over three days non-stop, and there are multiple departures every week. You can plan your travel during the winter if you want to save some cost as discounted prices are offered during this period.

Through the Rockies
Part of the fun of taking a trip across Canada is taking a trip through the Rockies.┬áIf you don’t have sufficient time to make the whole trip, you can take a train trip that goes through these mountains alone. The trip goes through Calgary to Vancouver or vice versa. You can go during the day so you can get a good view of the locations or stay overnight in a hotel.

The far north
The best train trips take you on adventures to areas that do not have cars or roads. Like a trip from Winnipeg to Churchill. This is a journey that lasts for two nights and is about 1,7000km. You can get a better price if you go via coach.

The nearer north
The Polar Bear Express is a form of classic tour train. It goes between Cochrane and Moonstone located on James Bay during the summer. This trip which lasts for a day is a great way to enjoy all the North has to offer, mostly if you have children with you.